Jewelry making class

While the surgical team worked to change the lives of patients in the operating room, Operation Taghoy members on outreach duty also sought to make a difference in the community.

Uplift Internationale sponsored a day of job training to members of two groups
supported by the Rotary Club of Metro Bacolod: Community Empowering Disability Inc. and the women’s group of the Kabugwason Rotary Community Corp. (“Kabugwason” translates roughly as “morning star” or “break of dawn.”)

Two trainers licensed by the Department of Trade and Industry provided instruction in the making of fashion jewelry. The students learned by creating earrings and bracelets with beads of various colors and sizes, elastic bands, braided lace, and other materials. Students had previously received training in soap- and candle-making.

Uplift team members also jumped into the lesson, creating their own pieces, which will be sold to raise funds for future missions and other projects.

In a happy, amazing coincidence, one of the students was in an orphanage where Mission team member Marysel underwent caregiver training a decade ago for a short time.

Jefflyn, now 29 years old, had asked Marysel for a photo together when she was leaving, and still has that photo, along with a letter Marysel wrote. She recognized Marysel immediately and they quickly caught up.

The orphanage is quite a distance from Bacolod, while Marysel now teaches in China, so for them to meet today was quite miraculous.


The day before, Community Outreach team members were busy putting together care packages and goodie bags that are being distributed to patients before and after surgery, as well as to local Boy Scouts and girls’ and boys’ home residents. The bags contain coloring and sticker books, toiletries, toys, crayons, and other supplies.

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