2018 Mission

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Operation Taghoy 2018

UI Team 2018

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Our courageous 2018 Mission Team conquered a mission of unknowns with flying colors in February.

Mother Nature decided to act just days before our mission with the strong eruptions of Mt Mayon, the most active volcano in the Philippines.  Despite loosing a large number of team members, Filipino locals urged UI to continue our mission. Even with the multiple volcanic eruptions, locals were confident our team could complete our mission safely.  UI made a promise to the Filipinos to serve their people, and that promise we kept.  In addition to providing the life changing cleft lip and palate surgeries we love, we had the opportunity to serve the community in other areas of need due to the volcano.  UI is proud to announce during our 2018 mission we were able to serve 300 people with new glasses, provide CPR training for over 60 medical professionals and bystanders whom have not had access to training in years, medically screen over 740 volcano evacuees, and help serve over 2000 more volcano evacuees.

2019 Mission

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Our 2019 Mission Team is ECSTATIC to announce we completed 87 life changing cleft surgeries!

In addition, UI

  • Trained over 60 Filipinos in CPR
  • Screened and provided eyeglasses for over 500 Filipinos 
  • Provided Dental Hygiene education for over 100 Filipinos 

Operation Taghoy 2015 in video form

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Mission team member Geo put together a great video that shows some of what Uplift Internationale volunteers accomplished in their time in Bacolod. Read More



This little guy did not want to have an IV in his arm. He struggled for 10 minutes with Uplift Nurse Caroline pictured here. But, at the end of the clash … both had the strength for a high-five. And now this little guy can go to surgery.

Honduras Mission Wrap-up

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Uplift Internationale had an incredible mission experience partnering with World Surgical Foundation in Honduras.  Our team completed a total of 29 surgeries Read More

UI Honduras Mission – Day 5

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The Uplift Internationale team has been busy all week.   Up early to the hospital for surgeries; our group has provided 22 surgeries in our first four days of surgery.  Read More