Tuesday in the Operating Room

Dr. Jeff Swail performing a bi-lateral cleft repair. For someone who has never been in the OR, in a conscious state, it is intimidating. You are so concerned that you will touch something or bump into a machine providing life to the patient undergoing surgery. That is how I felt on Tuesday morning as I entered. What I found was […]

Joseph Diana returns for his 3rd Surgery

This is Joseph in 2007, the day before his 2nd surgery. This is Joseph on Tuesday morning, waiting to have his 3rd surgery. Many of the volunteers that have been on more than 1 mission to San Jose remember Joseph Diana. He is here again this year for surgery; his 3rd surgery performed by Uplift Internationale. His is a difficult […]

Waiting for Surgery on Wednesday

These little boys and girls are scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. Many of the children scheduled have been at the hospital since Sunday. They traveled far, so the hospital is accommodating them in the wards. Since the children came with their families there can be 4 or 5 people in the wards for each child scheduled for surgery. The families […]

Get Well Cards and Gift Bags for the Patients

All of the patients prior to being released received gift bags full of stuffed animals, crayons, toothpaste, tooth brushes and other small toys. The patients were elated! The bags were made by a Filipino American children in Colorado. Included in the bags was a disposable camara so the family can take pictures of the children as they recover. The camaras […]

Tuesday morning rounds continued

There were two particularly touching patient stories this morning. Andrew and his father (seen talking to Dr. Jamie) were full of “thank yous” for the doctors this morning. Andrew had his lip and cleft repaired yesterday afternoon. He had a submucous cleft which is a very small hole in the palate. His father said that his speech had already improved. […]

Tuesday morning rounds

The surgery team made rounds 1st thing on Tuesday morning. They visited the 8 surgery cases that were performed yesterday. The ward was quiet; but all of the parents were visibly very pleased though the patients not quite as smiley as on Monday but filled with hope for a future full of smiles and whistling. These patients will be discharged […]

Dinner at Villa Julieta

What a nice way to end a very busy day! The team was invited to Villa Julieta, the family home of Vice Governor Sally Perez for dinner. We were greeted by Sally and her mother. We enjoyed a delicious Filipino meal under the stars in a beautiful setting. All of us were very thankful for the hospitality shown to us […]


Today was a really uplifting and interesting day. We showed up at the hospital and went up to the recovery room to see the patients who underwent surgery yesterday. We gave them going away bags with toys and a before-after picture. We also gave them a camera so they can take pictures in a few weeks when the swelling goes […]