Some days are more challenging than others …

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Yesterday, three of our OR monitors got burned out due to the constant power fluctuations at the regional hospital. We can’t lose any more or we need to shut down. We’ve scraped together enough voltage and high wattage protectors and we are hoping they hold. As Dr Krebs says, “It’s a mission and things are going to get jacked up.”

We scrounge ice for face packs from ice cream stands. But so far, we are getting through the 12 hours of surgery. Our eyes on the prize is that 12 of these children will not die this year. All 110 will be 20 times less likely to get serious infections. All will live better lives. But, today this kind of work is more challenging than other days …

23 Surgeries today and we’ve only begun

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After a record setting number of screenings we’ve begun surgeries! With a record number of people we can’t wait to get started! Thank to all our supporters … you help has brought us here.

Screenings over … Surgeries begin

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We’ve set a record! We’ve completed 136 screenings of children in need of cleft lip and palate surgeries. Now we begin the surgeries!

Day 1 Screenings

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Its Day One at our Mission 2013 Hospital in Dapa, Siargao! We had about 30 more children show up then we expected but, we are ready to help them! We have 120-150 Patients to pre-screen for surgery. It’s busy … but thanks to your help we are ready for anything!

Mission Volunteers Begin Arriving in Siargao

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The first wave of Uplift Internationale volunteers has arrived in Siargao!  The first group arrived in Siargao on Thursday, Jan. 31, and began preparations for the mission.  Potential patients have started to arrive and screening will begin on Saturday, February 2.  The main group of volunteers from Colorado and New York will arrive in Siargao on Friday, Feb. 1.  We are preparing for a fantastic mission this year!

Mirko Harasym and Sally Capoot, UI representatives with Dr. Digal and Sonia at the Siargao District Hospital


Increase the value of your donation when you support Uplift Internationale on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 4, 2012! Help us raise funds for the 2013 mission at Siargao District Hospital – our mission team is prepared to provide 120 free surgeries to indigent children in the Philippines. Support this incredible mission.

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Uplift Gala 2012 – A huge success

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Thanks to the hard work of the UI board, gala committee, sponsors, donors and gala attendees, the 2012 gala was a smashing success.  Uplift Internationale raised over $63,000!!  Thank you to everyone who participated in this event.  Please support our great sponsors and donors who contributed generously to this gala.


Scott Angus, photographer, presented on Uplift Internationale patient, Romeo



Jaime Yrastorza, D.M.D., will be receiving the 2012 Asian American Hero of CO Award on Saturday, May 26 at 10 a.m. at King’s Land Restaurant. 

Click the link here to view the full story:

Jaime Yrastorza calls himself an active Rotarian and a proud American citizen. Dr. Yrastorza left his home in the Philippines in 1950 after graduating from high school. He earned his bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Minnesota and a doctorate in dental medicine from Washington University. Then he received specialty training in oral-maxillofacial surgery from Georgetown University. Dr. Yrastorza maintained a private practice in Wheat Ridge for 35 years before retiring in 1995.

In 1989, Dr. Yrastorza founded Uplift International, an organization that gathers a team of medical professionals and volunteers to travel to the Philippines yearly to provide care to children born with facial deformities, primarily clefts of the lip and palate. The volunteers provide care at no cost to families.

“It is a haven for healthcare experts who want to share their expertise in care of the impoverished,” said Dr. Yrastorza.

Dr. Yrastorza also served as program consultant in oral-maxillofacial surgery for the Phillippines for the United Nations; he helped organize and develop a training program with his expertise for a hospital in Manila.

Dr. Yrastorza said his work is fueled by awareness that there are countries in the world that have a high number of impoverished individuals and the U.S. has an abundant source of individuals who could participate in this wisdom. A father to five and a grandfather to 14, he encourages people to take advantage of the many opportunities the country has to offer.

“This is a country that is full of opportunities to achieve your dreams and a country that gives commensurate awards for hard work,” he said.