Taghoy Facial Community Cleft Clinics

Dr. Roland Tomaro at the Taghoy Facial Cleft Clinic of Ormoc.

Uplift Internationale is entering its 5th year of activity at the UI – Taghoy Facial Cleft Clinic of Ormoc.  In Ormoc, the surgical operations are provided by Dr. Roland Tomaro and a team recruited from members of the Ormoc Medical Society; in-hospital care is accommodated with charitable allowances at the Ormoc Sugar Planters Association Hospital; and, the fiduciary oversight by Dr. Adelina Larrazabal, President San Lorenzo Ruiz College of Ormoc.  In turn, UI, together with Smile Train, provides procedural guidelines and funding.  Through the Clinic, two children with cleft lip and/or palate receive their mending care every month year round, at no cost to their indigent families.

Smile Train, in a continuing recognition of having extended partnership to Uplift Internationale has granted funds to help subsidize the UI – Taghoy Facial Cleft Clinic Project.  This “Sharing Ownership” project is envisioned to give the Filipino an opportunity to be an important participant and benefactor of the humanitarian objectives of UI. These “owners” would come from in-country healthcare professionals who, by joining the mission team, can contribute to the development and sustenance of a local Taghoy Facial Cleft Clinic, operated to provide care year-round. Other “owners” would be like-minded in-country individuals, organizations and/or corporations who can commit to subsidize the activities of, and provide stewardship responsibilities over the conduct of a Taghoy Facial Cleft Clinic, at a given venue,” says Dr. Jaime Yrastorza, President and Founder of UI.

Throughout the next year, UI will be working with its counterparts in the Philippines to turn this vision into a reality in three additional sites and will continue providing services through the Ormoc Clinic.  The proposed new sites will be in Kalibo, Roxas and Iloilo.