What Sets Uplift Internationale Apart

Many organizations conduct overseas medical missions that provide excellent care to children in need. Uplift Internationale seeks to set the highest standard in overseas medical missions by providing:

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  • Optimum Care. Uplift Internationale is committed to providing surgery and post-operative care in the rural Philippines that is on par with that provided in the U.S. This commitment is reflected in the number and expertise of mission volunteers. UI brings all of the medical equipment and supplies needed instead of relying on that available at host hospitals.
  • Transfer of knowledge with local healthcare professionals. Uplift Internationale makes it a priority to share expertise with local colleagues. No where is this more evident than in Ormoc where Drs. Roland Tomaro (surgeon) and Bobby Dabatos (anesthesiologist), after receiving training over three years from Uplift Internationale volunteers, established a Cleft Clinic under the auspices of Operation Taghoy. These doctors repair, free of charge to the patient, two clefts per month, with the financial and ongoing training support of Uplift Internationale.
  • Life changing surgery to children in need. By focusing on reconstructive facial surgery, as opposed to routine medical care, Uplift Internationale changes lives that are often defined by ridicule and shame to ones of hope and promise.
  • Care in under served rural areas. While 70% of Filipinos reside in rural areas, less than 40% of the hospital beds in the country are located there. Large cities are often the focus of other medical missions as they can lend more medical equipment and operating rooms to the mission and provide a larger pool of readily accessible patients. By working in rural areas, we not only help meet the needs of under-served populations, but also can work to transfer our medical knowledge to healthcare professionals with limited access to such specialized training.