Dinner with the Provincial Vice Governor

The Uplift Internationale volunteers were treated to dinner with the Vice Governor Billie Calizo on Wednesday night at Kabuhian Center about 25 minutes outside of Kalibo. It was a lovely venue set amongst lush gardens in the hills. The food was delicious, ambiance was perfect and the hospitality was all Filipino, that is, gracious and warm.
It was a bit unusual in that there was no Karoake but Vice Governor Calizo had a plan – 2 “ice breaker” games. The first – Big Foot in which 2 teams walk across and back the floor on planks. Now I know this sounds easy – Team Amy (pictured above in the lead) did make it look that way, however, Team Eric made it look IMPOSSIBLE. The evening’s finale finished off with “Create a Mummy” using 2 rolls of toilet paper. There were 3 mummies in the end and Mimi and Susan’s creation (better known as Kristi) was declared the winner by the distinguished panel of judges.
Thank you, Thank you for the wonderful evening and Filipino experience!