Final post from Kalibo

Today was a day filled with mixed emotions. People ready to get back home to their daily routine, their families and friends, and at the same time not wanting to leave the fabulous Filipino people, the ability to change so many lives, etc.

Today our final patients were discharged from the hospital by the local Dr. Hilario. In speaking with one of the supervising hospital nurses, all the patients did really well and were able to return to their homes.

At night a few of us joined the incredible Rotary Club of Kalibo as they hosted the Rotary Group Study Exchange team from Boston, Mass. It was a fun way to close our final evening in Kalibo.

Tomorrow we will head to the airport en route to our homes. We do so with a mix of joy and longing to remain; all of us grateful for the experience, many of us as transformed as the people we helped and will leave behind. We will carry them in our hearts and memories as we know we will remain in theirs.

Posted by Rev. Talon S. Windwalker, NHD, visual aide/community outreach