Travel to Philippines

Team Week One left Denver at 7:00 pm on Thursday, Jan 21st. From Denver, they flew to San Francisco, where they connected to their 14-hr flight to Taipei, Taiwan. After a 3-hour stop in this world class airport, it’s on to Manila. This is where the fun begins. The whole group has to collect personal and UI luggage, clear Customs, load luggage and people onto a “sight seeing” bus (thanks to Elmer and Rotary Club Forbes) which takes them to the Domestic airport. There, they re-check luggage, and get boarding passes for the last leg of the air trip to Kalibo. Once in Kalibo, the weary travelers will load up one last time in vans for the 90 min trip to Roxas City. Along the way, other team members from Pennsylvania, Hong Kong, UK, Belgium and Philippines will join the team. Thus begins Mission 2010.

After a good night’s rest, the team will head to Roxas Memorial Hospital tomorrow for unpacking and orientation. Check back for updates and photos of Mission 2010, “mending faces, one child at a time” Thanks to all our local support who magically makes the logistics work out seemlessly and provides support and fellowship to the team.