66 New Smiles – Mission Accomplished

Mission week in Roxas City was an overwhelming success as 66 children now have new smiles! Of the 66 there were: 53 lip repairs, 3 bi-lateral lip repairs, 4 palate repairs, 2 lip and palate repairs, 3 lip revisions and 1 obturator placement. The average age of the patient treated was 8.4 years. In addition to the hard work in the operating room, all volunteers were warmly hosted during the week at the Mayor’s Welcome Dinner and the Governor’s Farewell Dinner.
A big thank you to all who made our mission a success. It would not have been possible without their dedication, input, determination, camaraderie and friendship!

The boxes of surgical equipment and supplies have now been packed and moved to Roxas and the Uplift volunteers participating in the 1st week have scattered to many parts of the globe. Farewell until next year when our common bond brings us back together…….mending faces one smile at a time!