Update from Steve Krebs. March 2014.

As I’m certain you’re aware Yolanda, the largest typhoon in recorded history, swept through the Philippines November 8th and caused unimaginable damage.   Our intended sites were severely damaged and completion of our mission was out of the question.  While our organization was unable to provide any surgical services (disaster relief is not our skill set) UI was never the less able to participate in meaningful disaster relief.  A large number of individuals directly related to Uplift and others with no ties (which I have collectively   called “Friends of Uplift”) donated over $8,000.00 in cash which was utilized directly in disaster relief in the form of water purification tablets, antibiotics, and emergency food supplies.  Additionally, members of the yearly emissary trip took along and delivered 7 large boxes of medical supplies. Thank you for all you have done.

I am happy to announce that Uplift, through pure serendipity, was largely spared the ravages of the storm.  Of our supplies of 60 boxes only 6 were a complete loss due to water damage and fungal growth.  Much of the capital equipment appears salvageable and thus we have every intention of having our “Silver Anniversary Mission” to honor UI’s founder Jamie Yrastorza in February 2015. We have 3 potential sites scouted: Boac on Marinduque, Valencia on Negros Oriental, and Bacolod on Negros Occidental.  We will keep you informed as our mission preparations continue.

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