Long Travel Day

We are packed and ready to go.Twelve of us met at the Denver International Airport with 21 boxes of supplies that each 50 pounds. Many of us took carryon but we still had 24 bags being checked which meant we were paying for 2 bags. Not bad for the amount of supplies we were bringing with us.

We started our journey with a short flight to Los Angeles where we picked up Scott Angus to make our group 13 in size. Scott negotiated, with a box a chocolate, for us to get checked in through the business class desk with PAL. We did not get upgraded but we did miss the huge check in line and received a meal voucher since we were delayed for 2 hours.

We had a brief nap on the floor of the LAX airport before getting on the long 17-hour flight to Manila.

The flight included individual entertainment units with several movies, TV shows and games to be played. Meals were interesting and when lights out happened, lights were out. We had a brief refueling in Hawaii before continuing onto Manila.

We arrived in Manila safely, got through immigrations and customs without any problems and met up with Dr. Elliot Duboys, Dr. Tony Mir and Ivana Garajova. Sixteen of us were off to Kalibo and many of us were upgraded to Business Class for the 45-minute flight.

Once in Kalibo we met up with Dr. Alexandra Lu (Alex), Megs Lunn, Christine Flores, Gheza Mae Ibardolaza, John Geo Fuentes, Marvee Flores, and Rhe Jalocon. The 22 of us headed to Roxas on a crazy 1.5-hour van ride. We had a quick bathroom stop for Alex who drank too much Buko juice.

After 34 hours from departing Denver we made it to Roxas. Dr. Zvi Jacob, Dr. Jonida Zeqo, Dr. Larry Herman and Dr. Sara Runnels were here to greet us as well as our wonderful hosts the Rotary Club of Roxas.