Thoughts from the Mission Volunteers

Enjoy our mission volunteers thoughts from the mission:

“Second day in Roxas. I think we got our ‘little’ routine going in PACU. We take the kids vital signs as soon as they get to the recovery room. We give them their first dose of Tylenol and antibiotic as soon as they’re awake. Then they’re off to the ‘ward’ for the rest of their stay in the hospital… Proud of Filipino children – most of them have high pain tolerance — J

… A dad of an eight year old girl who just had cleft lip surgery done was so appreciative he wanted to give a few kilos of rice. He said he has a little rice farm back where he lives.” –Nora (PACU Nurse)

“My 4th trip to the Philippines and the kids continue to amaze me, All the children are extremely well behaved, humble and cooperative – imagine that in the US. The team, while being competent and professional are all working together as a team – an amazing feat considering the fact that we just met 3 days ago. What also amazes me is the fact that we have an ENT, an Oral Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon who are working well together with no animas and significant collegiality. Can’t wait until tomorrow!” – Elliot (Surgeon)

“Whew! It’s the second day of the mission and I’ve heard 10 patients are scheduled for operation. They told us that we could watch what they do on the Operating Room so I was excited for it. Well before that, we prepared the bags for the kids who’ll go home for this day. Had a little itty bit of problem on the laminator but good thing there is a self sealed lamination sheet. Yep! When you say self sealed it is a manual thing so expect it to be a little less perfect. =)

Seeing the kids receive their gift bags, it was like your heart smiled for hours. It was a really good feeling which no other words could explain it. Steve even bought food for the patients and I was simply amazed. I hope lots people are like the Uplift Team, simply the best.

So in the afternoon, we were given the go signal to observe on the Operating Room. Yehey! It has been months since the last time I’ve been to the OR. They do cool stuffs there and absolutely epic. Took pictures as the operation started. Jonida, the anesthesiologist, taught us various things like what you see on the monitor, breathing, IV insertion and intubation. She’s such a good mentor by the way. Like what she always says, PERFECT. Yeah, this day is absolutely perfect! Looking forward for more. =)” -Geo Fuentes (Outreach/Nurse)

“Working with a new group under difficult conditions is always a challenge. This group came together very nicely and worked magic for the children. I am continually impressed with the professionalism of volunteers and their dedication to the mission. This is a most professional and personable group and it has been my distinct pleasure to be counted among its members. The organization and attention to detail have been superb. Thank you for allowing me to participate.” – Larry (Surgeon)

“This years OR experience has been incredible so far. It’s amazing to be able to assist in these children’s lives transformations. They enter the OR with their various cleft lip or palate deformities and leave with a beautiful life-changing fix. It is truly remarkable how much we as an OR team can accomplish in just a couple of hours. Feelings of happiness and good fill our minds as we complete each child’s procedure. It is breathtaking to see how well each of these strong children tolerate their procedures and wake up with a brand new outlook on life”- Hannah (OR Nurse)