Amazing Experience!!!

Operation taghoy was a great experienced for all of us,. i learned a lot which enhanced my knowledge, skills and attitude that can help me in my future career. This mission is very unforgettable to me not only because of what I’ve learned and experienced but because I know that there are children and there families that we’ve helped and gave them a new colors in there lives. This is such a wonderful thing that all of us will be proud of.

Another thing that I will never forget in this Mission is the Medical Team and Staff, that function as one and helping each other for this Operation.

I want to say THANK YOu to Uplift Internationale, to Medical Team, to the Staff, Sponsors, To Nang Megs, and to the people of Roxas City. I am very happy and blessed that I became one of the team that contributed something for this mission.


Gheza Mae
Nurse Volunteer
Outreach Department