Joseph Diana returns for his 3rd Surgery

This is Joseph in 2007, the day before his 2nd surgery.

This is Joseph on Tuesday morning, waiting to have his 3rd surgery.

Many of the volunteers that have been on more than 1 mission to San Jose remember Joseph Diana. He is here again this year for surgery; his 3rd surgery performed by Uplift Internationale. His is a difficult case requiring several surgeries. He came for his 1st surgery in 2006, his second in 2007 and his third was just finished this afternoon. “He is such a great little guy! A quiet and thoughtful little boy, but I notice a big difference since I saw him last year. He has confidence this year and he had none of that in early 2007.” He has come each time with his father, mother and her sister. They are so thankful for Uplift and the help provided to their little boy. He now can look forward to things that little boys do!