Wednesday on the Wards

Our elite ward nurses……Captain Annie and Theresa!

The wards…….what a hectic place! There are no people better equipped to handle the chaos than Lizzie, Annie (both hailing from Britian) and Theresa Sands. They remain cool and calm which is hard to do in the ward due to the humidity, the number of patients with their families waiting for surgery, the lack of air conditioning and only a small number of fans. There are one and sometimes 2 families per bed. That means that there can be upwards of 6 people per bed. Both the Brits have been on several Uplift missions so very little really flusters them. On Wednesday, they cared for 14 patients with repaired lips and/or cleft palates. Today they will be providing care to an additional 10 patients who will undergo surgery. The cleft palate repair patients stay in the hospital for 2 nights while the lip repairs remain in overnight only.

Lizzie and Annie got some time away from the office yesterday and attended a case presentation given by the nurses graduating from IloIlo Doctors’ College in April. Annie said “how impressed she was by the nurses preparation and depth of knowledge displayed during their 5 hour presentation”.