Speech Therapy

Most everyone knows and has seen how disfiguring an unrepaired cleft lip can be; but many people do not realize the impact an unrepaired cleft palate has on speech. It can be difficult to understand people who have not had their cleft palates repaired. Even with a repaired cleft palate, speech therapy is frequently needed to improve speech. Uplift is very excited to have a speech therapist on this mission. Theresa Snelling is making her 1st mission. She is seen here working with Jennie Furio and her mother. Jennie’s cleft palate was repaired in 2006. They came to the hospital just to see Theresa as they heard there would be a speech therapist. Theresa said “that Jennie would really benefit from additional speech therapy as would many of the other patients that she has worked with this week.” Generally it is easier for younger children to improve their speech after the reparative surgery than adult patients.