Friday – Last Day of Surgery

What a difference a day makes in the wards! It is a much less hectic and crowded place. Only a hand full of patients remain, as all the patients have been released except for today’s surgeries. Families were busy preparing food, providing care to their children and there was even time and space for a jigsaw puzzle. Over the past week there has been little room for families to have a peaceful moment together.

Five surgeries were scheduled for this morning, 4 cleft lip repairs and 1 tongue release. Fifty-one surgeries were performed in total this week.

Only cleft lips surgeries are done the last day as these patients will just be in the hospital overnight. They can all be released before the mission team starts the long journey home. Mission volunteers will soon be departing for all ends of the earth which includes: Britian, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, Boracay, Cebu and Manila.

The surgery schedule was only a 1/2 day today as the afternoon was spent packing the suitcases and blue boxes to be returned to the States. Most of the supplies that were brought over and some of the equipment was donated to the hospital. The hospital received a variety of donated items such as ceiling fans, blood pressure machines, surgical supplies, children’s clothes, stuffed animals and 20 hand-made crocheted baby blankets provided by University Hospital in Denver. Hospital staff was so appreciative for the generosity shown by Uplift and we say “thank you” for all your help too!