Aklan State University Tourism students joined Mission 2008

One of the team members Megs Lunn from the Philippines let her second year Tourism students joined the Mission 2008 as volunteers: Interpreter and running errands for some team members, too.

They all had a good time playing with the patients and helping the team get things done easier and faster especially on conversation with the locals.

Two of the students cuddling the adorable twins who unfortunately did not had the chance to get the surgery because of some allergies….we see them next time around…Oh! they are both adorable!

One of the students help at the Pediatric table checking on patients with Dr. John Dalh…..

Some of them helped gave goodies and toys, too. They also went out of their way to buy candies of the patients waiting in line….

It was our first time to witness such medical mission. It is different when we are a part of it, too. We thanked most our teacher, Ms. Megs Lunn for the experience, and the Uplift Internationale for the chance and opportunity. God bless you all!
Seeing the kids after the surgery was an overwhelming and touching feeling, you see them handsome and beautiful…Uplift give them hope to make their dreams real.”

They came to Antique for 3 days/2 nights to join the Uplift mission.

Every table during the first day (screening day) were filled up with student’s interpreter and the rest had the chance to mingle with the patients, parents and Doctors, too.