Fellow Rotarians in Service,

I am proud to share with you that UPLIFT INTERNATIONALE (OPERATION TAGHOY MISSION 2009) will be in Iloilo City 16-20 February and Kalibo 23-27 February 2009.

The yearly Operation Taghoy in the Philippines by the team of medical doctors, nurses and volunteers based from Colorado, USA is lead by PP Jaime Yrastorza (MD) of RC Wheatridge Colorado, USA as President of the organization (www.upliftinternationale.org)

We are, therefore, encouraging some Rotarians who has expertise and skills to share and volunteer in the mission. This is another opportunity for us to volunteer our services and expertise in a humanitarian project in rural Philippines. I tell you, it is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience (i.e myself as patient/team liason – being recently the only PURE FILIPINO member of the team in the San Jose, Antique Operation Taghoy 2008 and some other previous missions in Kalibo, too).

Filipino volunteers of the mission team based in the Philippines is given a privilege to have their hotel accommodations/meals UI-subsidized and it is important that as members, to have you integrated into every aspect of the team activity, of which will be most rewarding to you.

Kindly email the following your inquiries or Dr. Jaime Yrastorza himself of your interest to volunteer in the above two scheduled missions in February 2009:

PP Jaime Yrastorza – mndyrz@yahoo.com
IP Megs Lunn – april_73uk@yahoo.co.uk
PP Bill Dela Fuente – bdfgemini11@yahoo.com

Please do not hesitate to ask question. We will be more than glad to answer them all and we are looking forward for our partnership.

Warm regards to all!

IP Megs Lunn
RC Kalibo
D-3850 Fellowship Program Chair