Final Meeting Prior to February Departure

We met on January 6, 2009 at Exempla Corporate Offices in Denver. WOW, just 37 days and counting! (And I’m not talking about the switch to digital TV) Basically this meeting was an up-date on all of the details. One item to wind up our emotions was to receive our tickets.

January 29 will be packing day at the Harley Davidson store in Lakewood. Many thanks to Harley Davidson for the use of their facilities in storing all of the items going to IloIlo and Kalibo. A GREAT piece of news is that we now have replaced all of the instruments that were damaged during the Typhoon last year. We currently have several items on order which will then complete the necessary details to provide a successful stay in the Philippines.

The first week team will depart Denver on United February 12th for San Francisco. We then board Philippine Airlines for Manila. There will be a brief refueling stop in Guam. After arrival in Manila we have a flight of about 1 1/2 hours to IloIlo, arriving there on Saturday morning, February 14th.

After a brief rest, getting to our hotel and the hospital, we’ll spend the rest of the day and all day Sunday getting ready to begin screening the patients on Monday. We will be staying at the IloIlo Business hotel, a short distance from the Western Visayas Medical Center.