4 Days and counting, February 8, 2009

A group of the team from Denver met at Wheatridge Presbyterian Church to attend church and receive a Blessing of the TAGHOY Mission Team. After the church service we assembled in Fellowship Hall for a light lunch, receive our Uplift Internationale shirt, name tag and luggage stickers. Jaime then gave us a PowerPoint presentation of where we are going and outlined many of the responsibilities and highlights of the trip. Jack Dahl gave a brief review of the “do’s and dont’s” while we are gone. i.e. brush your teeth only with bottled water, do bring a small flashlight in case the power goes off, don’t lose your passport, etc., etc.

From all indications “everything is GO” and we will leave Denver on February 12th, arriving in ILOILO on February 14th. Hopefully it will be a “GREAT” Valentine’s Day for all!