Rowel's story

Rowel is 15 years old. He has a cleft lip. He’s been bullied so badly in school he was forced to leave and has only completed the 3rd grade. Because of his condition its hard for him to talk. He stays quiet.  Sadly, the statistics show that without more education and having a cleft lip…finding a job will be very difficult for him and chances are strong he will die. It’s a hard thing to hear about and a hard thing to write. If you made a financial contribution to Uplift Internationale you probably just saved his life. Thank you.

Rowel got his cleft lip repaired with surgery yesterday. It wasn’t easy and he’s in pain but he still let me take his picture. And he thanked me. But it wasn’t me…it was you. Raul is going back to school after April and with all the challenges hes already been through I’m convinced he’s going to catch up. I think he’s going to have a good life ahead of him. Heres a couple of his pictures.