Hospital searches for future missions

Whenever there is time, we try to search out hospitals nearby to evaluate for possible future missions. However, out of the blue a Dr. Grace Lim, sought us out to invite us to see a private hospital owned by her and her physician husband. Steve, Patti, Megs, and Jerry were picked up by Dr. Grace and took a 2 hour drive along a beautiful coastline to her hospital. It was surprisingly modern. We all felt this place could serve us well for a mission perhaps as early as 2013. Dr. Lim promised to start right away to seek out opportunities to recruit children with cleft lips to give us some idea as to what reasonable likelihood there is to have enough patients for next year. We are cautiously optimistic and very encouraged by her enthusiasm and “can-do” attitude. As soon as we return home, if our email exchanges warrant, we will include Dr. Lim’s hospital on our Emissary trip next summer. Jerry Capoot, MD