A visit to the Operating Rooms…February 17 2009

Mind you I am no Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, or Surgical Nurse…I’m just the blogger! What a phenomenal experience to see the patient Rae Marie Trinidad, a 4 year old girl who had a cleft palate and cleft lip surgically removed. The entire operation took nearly 3 hours to perform. Thank goodness Debra Johnson (Surgeon), Ramon Abola and Zvi Jacob (Anethesiologists) and last but certainly not the least Diane Rafferty and Patti Janes (Surgical Nurses) performed yet another life changing event for Rae! She will be eternally grateful, as will I just to witness the above professionals flawlessly accomplish their expertise! As long as I was “sterile” dressed I also visited Uplift’s ward. I sure was not too impressed for the patients and their families as it seemed unbearably warm, even with fans running.

Don Wollenzien, volunteer blogger.