Have a Waffle Dog…February 19, 2009

Mangos are either in season, or perhaps the season is year round? I haven’t found the answer, but they are REALLY great here..juice for breakfast and sliced mangos for lunch. Then there are Cream-O’s, with chocolate or vanilla filling, however they’re not the “double stuffed” Oreos that we’re used to.

I haven’t seen the Colonel but we have Chickenjoy here which is juicy-licious and crispy-licious. And of course rice. You need to ask for fried rice, as steamed rice is the norm. I did see garlic rice this AM for breakfast. Also, many variations of rice cakes. One item for breakfast that I do like is corned beef. Usually there are beans at breakfast.

But the winner is the Waffle Dog! What a kick to have a hot dog encased inside a waffle. I did try one, however I didn’t opt for seconds. Elizabeth thought they were SUPER!

Don Wollenzien, volunteer blogger.