The END…In ILOILO February 21, 2009

There are only 6 0f 38 team members left here. As we finished everything yesterday it was a mass exodus to Manila, Hong Kong and Kalibo today.

I know one thing for sure…I will be hard pressed NOT to
go again next year…I will find a way! This has been the most rewarding
experience I have ever had. To go to a foreign country is one thing, but
to become intimately involved with individuals on a personal basis is
another.The faces, the expressions, the touching…one does not need to
know the language, you know what they are saying without saying one word!

I have a photo and 2 videos to send. Am not sure if the videos will go, but I’ll find out. Sorry, but the blogger would not take the ideos…

Take care and I’ll see you in Denver…

Don Wollenzien, Volunteer Blogger