Hi there, we arrived safely today in Kalibo with the other members of the team too from Manila. Everyone rendezvous at La Esperanza Hotel and rest/relax for a while.

Some went to the hospital to bring the UI boxes and other stuff. We are all excited to start the mission since we heard that the OR of the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital is BRANDNEW. We saw the set up at the screening room have already prepared and thanks to the committee from the Rotary. People are aniticipating our needs and that is nice.

Tomorrow, we are ready to unpack our boxes and prepare the OR in the morning, then group orientation will follow in the afternoon.

To all who have joined the first work week in Iloilo, thank you guys for the opportunity to be of service to you all… it’s been a fun week for all of us. Hope you all arrived safely in your destination. Cheers and goodluck on the team for the 2nd work week.

Thank you to all who have been so wonderful in welcoming our guests from UI. It’s a whole total new world for us in Kalibo after an exhausting week in Iloilo… but we had a treat of the best freshly cooked Lapu Lapu at the fish farm and a taste of St. San Miguel tonight after the long hour trip hehehe

It was nice meeting you all guys and looking forward to meet you all again next mission. Happy trip to those who are leaving for home and to those who are staying, GOODLUCK! We will make sure we make your stay and the mission successful as usual.