Operation Taghoy today went well in setting up the hospital, OR and the staff room, too. Thank you to Chief of Hospital Dr. Paul Macahilas for accommodating us, Sheila Mercurio (RN) and the staff for making things happen today, not to mention the BrandNew OR we are to use tomorrow….

Unpacking was smooth and the Orientation went very well, too. Jonathan, Theresa, Mimi and myself spoke for some important matters to be cleared and assignments for the first day. They group themselves and discussed for possible things to happen in the 2nd work week of the mission. They are doing well….just stay good girls hehehe

Tonight, we had fun from the welcome treat dinner by Congressman Joeven Miraflores of the Lone District of Aklan and wife Mayor Lulu Miraflores. He was not around, though he sent Dr. Vic Santamaria to speak in behalf of him. Dr. Vic is our chairman for the Operation Taghoy with Rotary Club of Kalibo.

Aklan Medical Society members were there too and most of the key people from the Rotary. Pity we have to leave early than expected and jetlag is now catching up with them hehehehe

Everyone in Kalibo just made our day and real great today! Cheers!

Note: Picture above are the Brits from UK today we fetched at the airport. Oh boy, they are not jetlag, huh! (wink)