As we started our 1st day today at the screening room, we had a courtesy call to the PHO II – Dr. Cortez of DRSTMH first and then we were ready to rock….

Rotakid Clouds Lunn had the chance to see the surgical procedure today at the Operating Room..she beats me to it. She is seen in the picture here with our Kalibo Cable Camera man Gary Vargas in their blue scrub…. they were at the OR for four hours and had fun learning from Dr. Larry Papadopolous, one of or surgical team in the medical mission of Operation Taghoy. Clouds enjoyed the whole day with the outreach people and the children, most especially this morning. So, as a special treat for her, she was allowed to observe inside the OR with Dr. Larry explaining to her all the procedures. What an opportunity. Still, she don’t want to be a Nurse or a Doctor hehehe

Thank you to Gov. Lito Marquez for facilitating all our needs today with food, transportation and the like.

We did about 6 cases today for cleft lip and palate and we are looking at more or less 50 patients this week. We also acknowledge the help of our local volunteers from the DRSTM Hospital.

The outreach personnel were busy with their own assignments, too. Tomorrow, the speech therapists Theresa and Linda will be speaking to our parents of handicapped children on our EVERY DISABLED CHILD MATTERS at the STA Center. Goodluck guys!

Appreciate the presence of PP More and Rtn. Romy this morning during the screening day. Rtn. Joanna was helping immensely at the Speech Table screening, too. Spouse President Glo is up and about again running our meals today. Clouds was helpful as interpreter, too. PP Vic and Rtn. Bing always there with Ann Sheila Mercurio. Hope to see the others within the week, too.

Tomorrow, some of us will be interviewed in the Radio and television, too. As part of the team, too, I was just running errands for everyone in the team and the “one-stop-shop” for everyone. Anything to make my fellow team with UI feel comfortable and well accommodated, just call my name and I will be there….was it a song?…..

Thank you to Congressman Joeven and wife Mayor Lulu for the welcome dinner last night at Adee’s.

See you at the dinner to be hosted by Vice Gov Billie Calizo at the Kabuhian Center, Balete, Aklan, Feb.. 24, 2009. Please wear casual.

Opps…our outreach did a good job today. Look at the piles of boxes they have to carry??!!! The loaded the bags with toys, books, coloring crayon and others that were made specially for the patients. They went from one child at a time and take turns interviewing our patients.

Cheers guys!

Megs- Outreach