Past Patient Successes

Manilyn Perucho and Jade Tuberiadez returned to the Kalibo hospital for a check-up. There mothers heard about our visit on the radio. Both children have had 2 surgeries to correct their cleft lips and palates. The initial surgery repaired their cleft lip and the second performed by Operation Taghoy 4 years ago corrected their cleft palates. Manilyn and Jade are cousins and are both pictured here with their mothers, who are sisters. They are 13 years old and attend secondary school. Miss Manilyn enjoys playing volleyball and Jade told me he was a “wicked” volleyball player.
They both wanted to say “thank you” again to all the volunteers for making their futures and dreams just a little brighter and they did so with big smiles on their faces. Without the surgeries neither child would have enjoyed their favorite subject in school…..English!