Pediatrics and Recovery Room

Before and after the children go to surgery they spend time in the wards and immediately after surgery they spend a short time in the recovery room. Both areas are staffed by Uplift and local nursing staff and 2 Uplift pediatricians.
Sue Larson is from Boulder, Colorado on her 2nd Uplift mission and our leader or “head of mission”. She not only looks after all the patients but also all of the volunteers and keeps us on target so we meet the mission objective. This is a very big job that not a lot of people are willing or qualified to take on. Sue “stepped up to the plate” and will be on the mission both weeks. Sue has the experience to lead the mission as she is very involved at home with pediatrics and administration at a Denver area hospital.
Uplift is very fortunate to also have Dr. Steve Krebs, a pediatrician that hails from Colorado. This is his 1st Uplift mission. He had always wanted to visit the Philippines since he studied the islands in a college history class. He loves working with the Filipino people and finds their sincere friendliness heartwarming. He was quickly impressed with how much is done medically with so little infrastructure or hardware. He summed up his experience best with what he called his “nonsense to make a difference ratio”. That is, 90% of what he did here made a difference!