We are ready to roll. February 15, 2009

It has been somewhat of a chaotic day. Some 15 of our group went to the Western Visayas Medical Center this morning to unpack and sort all of the boxes and equipment that were shipped from Denver. Also included were the boxes that were left here from last years Mission. However, with all involved, the task was accomplished in a little over 2 hours. All of the equipment was checked and is functioning properly.

After lunch we were given a tour of the facility, by the Filipino medical team, which will be our “home” for the next 6 days. Jaime Yrastorza then presented a Power Point Presentation to our group including the principal medical team of the hospital staff.

We had an excellent dinner at The Mango Tree Restaurant hosted by Bob Garcia who has been a most gracious philanthropic contributor of Uplift Internationale. We were scheduled to have the dinner outdoors under a canopy draped mango tree, however just before we arrived it began pouring rain. Thus we were served in a separate dining room.