25th Anniversary Gala Benefit – A Huge Success

Thank you to all of our sponsors, auction donors and gala attendees – our 25th Anniversary Gala Benefit raised over $77,000!! Funds from this year’s gala will help our mission teams provide 100 surgeries during our two week mission planned for February 2013 – February 2-8 in Palo, Tacloban and February 8-15 in Ormoc. Rick Rolph did an incredible job […]

The Best Day ever

This morning our team (while in surgery) was notified that in another part of the hospital a woman was in labor and things had gone wrong. Very wrong. Our hosting hospital is small. They only have 2 doctors and several nurses … they needed our help. Emergency C section was needed and Stat! We cleared an OR Table and made […]

Some days are more challenging than others …

Yesterday, three of our OR monitors got burned out due to the constant power fluctuations at the regional hospital. We can’t lose any more or we need to shut down. We’ve scraped together enough voltage and high wattage protectors and we are hoping they hold. As Dr Krebs says, “It’s a mission and things are going to get jacked up.” […]