Each year, UI conducts a two-week medical mission to provide reparative surgical care to indigent children born with facial deformities, primarily clefts of the lip and palate.

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Uplift Internationale relies on health care professionals and others who donate their time and expertise, as well as fund 85 to 100 percent of their travel expenses.

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Every donation counts — our care is provided without cost to the children or their impoverished families, and with minimal burden to the host hospitals.

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Operation Taghoy 2015 in video form

Mission team member Geo put together a great video that shows some of what Uplift Internationale volunteers accomplished in their time in Bacolod. Watch it below:

Outreach efforts reach students

Members of the community outreach team continue to keep themselves pretty busy.

On Wednesday, we visited Bacolod City National High School and met a Boy Scout troop whose members were all hearing-impaired. Uplift Internationale provided their new uniforms. More

Our busiest day of surgeries this week

We’ve had a little problem with two of our 4 anesthesia machines but, one is fixed now. It no easy task to replace tubing in the Philippines. But equipment is working and Dr Dubois’ team(pictured) is back at work!