On the Job Training

Raymond Wong and Lisa Lee, both pre-med students in the US, joined the mission for a week in Roxas City. Raymond learned about Uplift from his aunt, Mimi Wong a long time mission volunteer. He jumped at the chance to participate as he has wanted to do foreign travel, make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and get a 1st hand glimpse of what he hopes will be his future career.
He and Lisa were not hesitant; they immediately got to work and helped the nursing staff on the ward cleaning the patient’s incisions. Lisa was a natural, putting the children at ease and often asleep while cleaning their incisions singing all the Disney tunes that she learned as a child. The pair also observed in the operating room and learned first hand how to work with patients and meet their needs.
Both Raymond and Lisa were surprised at how different the children and families were from those in the US. “They were so appreciative, cooperative and dealt well with any discomfort from the surgery.” Something that is often lacking at home.
For both this trip has been an experience they will never forget. In fact it has confirmed for them that medicine is the career for them and they have been inspired to do more foreign travel and get more involved with Uplift and other volunteer organizations.