Reaching Out

The mission team is made up of medical, dental and outreach volunteers. The relationship between the volunteers is symbiotic. That is, the mission could not meet its goals without all these volunteers and the help and support of the local hospital staff and Rotarians.
There are 6 outreach volunteers this week. They have a very diverse job task. They need to be flexible, resourceful and able to quickly solve problems. They spend a lot of their time with the patients in the wards trying to make the patient’s experience a little something special. The volunteers pass time with all the kids and families reading, teaching dental hygiene, doing puzzles, playing games (the overwhelming favorite was a memory game), handing out donated books and trinkets such as handmade wooden cars carved by a group of Colorado veterans. Upon discharge, the volunteers present the patients with a backpack full of goodies donated by Children’s Hospital and the coveted “Get Well” card. The card is laminated and has large before and after pictures of the patient. Many of the patients proudly display the card at home.
When the volunteers are not with the patients, they are helping with data input, scanning charts and documents, getting needed supplies, doing what ever takes to make the mission run smoother and spending time out in the community.