Gratitude is in the Heart!!!

Operation Taghoy Mission at Roxas City,Capiz, a memorable experience that I will surely treasure.

The best part for me was seing the beautiful smiles of the kids after the surgergy. My heart was filled with joy everytime I hear the THANK YOUs of the kids and their families. I am very happy to be part of such great change that happened to their lives. I hope to see them soon. =)

I learned a lot from the team (thank you everyone) plus I gained a lot of new friends. It has been a pleasure working with you guys! I was really glad I became a part of this Mission. That was fun! =)

This experience is worth a million dollars but it doesn’t cost a cent. =)

Major major THANK YOU to Uplift Internationale team, to The Roxas Rotary Club, to all the staffs of Roxas Memorial Hospital and to all the people who became a part of the Mission’s success.

You ROCK guys!

Marvee Flores, RN